Sir Peter Blake Whanau “Tara” Trip

12 Jul 2017

Students who have performed well in their class logbook as well as other major contributors to the Whanau were invited to tour Sir Peter Blake’s yacht, previously known as Sea Master.

Our French Guide, Nikko, explained the unique construction and some of the amazing research that “Tara” has been undertaking. From 18 months trapped in ice in the Arctic to its work in the Mediterranean where every collection over many months contained plastic. Then into the Pacific looking at the symbiotic relationship between coral, fish and plankton and its significance, as plankton supplies the world with 60-70% of its oxygen.

This was a very relevant and engaging excursion with a touch of sadness knowing this was where Sir Peter Blake lost his life. It was certainly a wake-up call to the fragility of our planet.

Our group were excellent ambassadors for BDSC, impressing the Tara crew as well as the Lions supporters we met along the way.


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