40hr Famine: Let’s make a difference for South Sudanese children in Uganda

10 May 2018

From Friday 8 June to Sunday 10 June, students of BDSC will have a chance to stand united with the children of South Sudan.

By participating to raise money and contributing to the cause, you can change lives. The money raised this year will support South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda with nutritious food, clean water, safe toilets, a place to live, and education and play in child friendly spaces. Booklets to raise all this money will be handed out from 14 June to 25 June by your tutor teachers, so keep your eyes out and get yourselves ready to start raising those funds!

By raising money and contributing as much to the cause as possible, you will be supporting people as they cross the border with emergency food, as well as setting them up in their new homes. You can help ensure children who are separated from their families are in foster care and getting the psychosocial support they need. You’d also fund for clean water and toilets to prevent sickness spreading.

You aren’t just raising money, you’re changing the lives of countless children and adults in need. You’re making our world a better place, you’re making a difference with every dollar. So do your best and set yourself a challenge. Raise it up!

For more information go to: World Vision 40 Hour Famine

˜ Caylee Cooke, 13E2


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