Arts Awards 2018

30 Oct 2018

Congratulations to all our Art award winners!

  • Most Valuable Contribution to Arts – in a Technical Roll: Jamie Harford 13J11
  • The Step Up Award in The Arts: Celine Dam 13D9
  • The Performing Arts Award: Joshua Dheda 12E8
  • Choreography Award in Dance: Alyssa Mosby 13B7
  • Most Creative Performance in Dance: Madison Marshall 13K12
  • Tuakana Teina Award in Dance (Senior student who has mentored a junior/junior class): Robert Raynes 13E2
  • Leadership in SDNZ Dance: Divya Prasad 13E2
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Costume and Props: Ashley Dolden 13K12
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Backstage: Emma Parkes 13J11
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Pulse Set Up: Ashleigh King 12S4
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Technical, Lighting Design: Jamie Harford 13J11
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Technical, Sound and Audio: Noah Hall 12B1
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance – Technical, Special Effects: Benjamin Beach 12D9
  • Best Actor: Tabarek Al Jebouri 13J11
  • Best Supporting Actor: Emily Payne 12B1
  • Most Promising Actor SGCNZ: Tanishq Ranjith 11E8
  • Most Promising Newcomer in Production: Jared Adlam 12B1
  • Effort and Commitment in Performance: Fraser Kernick 12S10
  • Most Creative Performance in Drama – Sheilah Winn: Shannon Clerk 13D3
  • Most Creative Theatre Performance Production: Robert Raynes 13E2
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Drama – Backstage: Kate Hatley 12K6
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Production and SGCNZ Service: Francesca Long 13B1
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Drama – Production Technical for Lighting/Sound/Set Up: Jamie Harford 13J11 and Will Davison 13K12
  • Itinerant Award for Wind: Athena Shiu 12D9
  • Itinerant Award for Guitar: Devon Wilken 9B7
  • Itinerant Award for Strings: Ginny Chen 10S4
  • Itinerant Award for Singing: Mikki Lucman 11D3
  • Itinerant Award for Drums: Oliver Moore 13E8
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Orchestra: Amy Lee 13E8
  • Most Improved Player in Orchestra: Arthur Lai 13J11
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Concert Band: Tavite Tonga 13S4
  • Most Improved Player in Concert Band: Augustus Chu 13E8
  • Choir: Rebecca Williamson 10K12
  • Contribution to Contemporary Music: Harry Zhang 13E8
  • Contribution to Classical Music: Tavite Tonga 13S4
  • Designer of the Year: Crystal Tan 13E8
  • Photographer of the Year: Ashleigh King 12S4
  • Wearable Arts: Alex Su 13K6

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