Sports Awards 2018

30 Oct 2018

Congratulations to all our Sports award winners!

  • Team of the Year: Football 1st XI Girls and Basketball Premier Girls
  • Captain of the Year: Ngapipi Herewini 13K6 and Oliver Burnett 13S10
  • Coach of the Year: Ms Phillipa Samuel
  • Manager of the Year: Mrs Melissa Burnett
  • Student Volunteer of the Year: Daniel Wu 13E8 and Dom Wooloff 13K12
  • Personality of the Year: Tafito Lafaele 13S10
  • Supporter of the Year: Mr Conrad Herewini
  • Kyle Heath Memorial Cup – Dedication to Rugby: Tevita Fifita 13K6 and Jacob Jackson 13J5
  • Mekellan Naidoo Memorial Trophy – Dedication to Football: Hayley Miller and Corbyn Miller both 13J11
  • All Rounder, Male: Lantze Davids 13D3
  • All Rounder, Female: Ngapipi Herewini 13K6
  • Athletics: Daniel Parkes 12K6 and Tafito Lafaele 13S10
  • Badminton Male: Kelvin Ang 13K6 and Jayvin Ang 13K6
  • Badminton Female: Ashley Tan 10J11
  • Baseball: Brent Mouat 11K6
  • Basketball Male: Jordan See 13E8
  • Basketball Female: Ngapipi Herewini 13K6
  • Cricket: Rihan Sayed 12D3
  • Cross Country: Prabyjot Rehal 13J5
  • Football Male: Corbyn Miller 13J11
  • Football Female: Hayley Miller 13J11
  • Gymsports: Brooke Davies 12J5
  • Hockey Male: Oliver Burnett 13S10
  • Hockey Female: Brooklyn Armstrong 11B7
  • Lacrosse: Daisy Yang 12E8
  • Netball: Ngapipi Herewini 13K6
  • Orienteering: Anna Twyman 11B7
  • Rugby: Isikeli Vite 13B7
  • Swimming: Maria Wangford 9K6
  • Table Tennis: JunJie Lin 11S10
  • Tag Male: Alijah George 13J11
  • Tag Female: Leianne Tufuga 12B7
  • Tennis: Matt Shearer 11E8
  • Touch Male: Lantze Davids 13D3
  • Touch Female: Sophia Herewini 12K12
  • Volleyball: Vignesh Vijayakumar 13E8
  • NZ Badminton: Roanne Apalisok 10S10, Ashley Tan 10J11 and Angelina Ung 10K6
  • NZ Baseball: Tui Amosa 10B7 and Taylor Irwin 10J5
  • NZ Gymsports: Brooke Davies 12J5 and Ethan Strickland 10K6
  • NZ Rugby League: Quinnlan Tupou 12D3
  • NZ Tag Football: Leianne Tufuga 12B7
  • NZ Touch: Lantze Davids 13D3 and Sophia Herewini 12K12

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