Arts Awards 2021

16 Nov 2021

Congratulations to all our Arts award winners!


Leadership in SDNZ: Josiah Paselio 13D9
Leadership in Showquest: Olivia Creed 13D9
Most Outstanding Performer: Ngahuia Booker-Taylor 13J11
Most Creative in Choreography: Olivia Creed 13D9
Most Valuable Contribution to Dance: Shalom DeSouza 13E8
Most Promising in Dance: Sarah Viret 13J17
Service in a Technical Role: Liam Pauling 13K12 and Nicholas Harford 13J5


Most Creative Performance in Drama – Sheilah Winn: Shalom DeSouza 13E8
Most Creative Theatre Performance Production: Adam Coleman 12D3
Best Supporting Actor: Robyn Oliver 13E8
Best Actor: Michael Wilson 13J5
Most Promising Actor SGCNZ: Mikyla Khalil-Flexman 13B1
Most Promising Newcomer in Production: Lynette Weightman 09B7
Valuable Contribution to Drama – Backstage: Nakita de Kock 10B1
Effort and Commitment in Performance: Mila Veljkovic 12E8
Most interesting Character Development: Aleisha Coleman 09D9


Most Valuable Contribution to Orchestra: Jordan Wu 13K12
Most Improved Player in Orchestra: Nicole Widjaja 11S10
Most Valuable Contribution to Jazz Band: Kirill Griffen 13S16
Most Improved Player in Jazz Band: Sam Hatley 12K18
Commitment to Choir: Jonathan Lee 10S10

Major Award Winners

Derek Wigzell (Lions Award for Drama): Michael Wilson 13J5
Contribution to Contemporary Music: Saraya McLean 13J5
The Step Up Award in The Arts: Jessica Dixon 12S4
The Performing Arts Award: Shalom DeSouza 13E8
Tuakana Teina Award in Dance: Olivia Creed 13D9


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