Sports Awards 2021

16 Nov 2021

Congratulations to all our Sports award winners!

All rounder of the Year:

Junior Male: PJ Field 10J11
Junior Female: Charlize Fleming 10J11 and Angela Clark 10D3
Senior Male: Ethan Huff 13B13
Senior Female: Lydia Moore 12J17

National Champions:

Esports: Alvin Wong 12S4, Jason Li 13E8, Jia Zhu Ou 12K6, Joshua Saunders 12K12, Danny Nguyen 12S16, Caleb Mahmudov 12S4, Joshua Lin 12B1.

Major Award Winners

Dedication to Rugby: Kyle Heath Trophy- Farad Saifoloi 13S16
Dedication to Football: Mekellan Naidoo Trophy- Adam Ross 13J17 and Pahul Matharu 13K12
Supporter of the Year: Chevenne and Morne Pistorius
Student Volunteer of the Year: Saraya McLean 13J5, Annie Chen 12S4 and Khai Wong 13E2
Personality of the Year: Vakafehi Vainikolo 12B13
Captain of the Year: Adam Ross 13J17 and Pahul Matharu 13K12
Manager of the Year: Mrs Vanessa Walter and Miss Daisie Yu
Coach of the Year: Mr Michael Hough
Team of the Year: Table Tennis – Premier and Cricket – 1st XI Boys

Most Valuable Players

Archery: Chi Chi Hing 13J11
Athletics-Male: Douw Botes 11E2
Athletics-Female: Savannah Atoaga 9J11
Badminton-Male: Dale Evans-Parker 11S4
Badminton-Female: Nishika Jain 11J5
Basketball-Junior Male: Aidan Finefeuiaki 9J11 and Quincey Flesher-Martin 10K6
Basketball-Senior Male: Ezra Bond 13S10
Basketball-Senior Female: Harshitha Surendran 12E8
Cricket-Junior Male: Mirav Patel 10S10
Cricket-Junior Female: Angela Clark 10D3
Cricket-Senior Male: Regan Walter 13K12 and Morne Pistorius 13S4
Equestrian: Rebecca Dickens 9E2
Esports: Alvin Wong 12S4
Football-Junior Male: Khavin Kannan 9D9
Football-Junior Female: Gemma Hewlett 9S10
Football-Senior Male: George Robb 13B13
Football-Senior Female: Lydia Moore 12J17
Golf: Jordan Jones 11J11
Gymsports: Anita Cheng 10B7
Hockey-Junior Male: Jayden Chhima 9K12
Hockey-Junior Female: Amelia Chapman 9S10
Hockey-Senior Male: Ethan Huff 13B13
Hockey-Senior Female: Sade Scharnick 13B1
Netball-Junior: Savannah Atoaga 9J11
Netball-Intermediate: Mia Petford 10D9
Netball-Senior: Robyn Oliver 13E8
Netball-Most Promising Player: Charlie Lindsay 9S4
Orienteering: Joe Chan 10E2
Rugby-Junior: Tyler Gagiano 9K6
Rugby-Senior: Xavier Saifoloi 13S10
Rugby-Female: Kiritea Te Reo 10D9
Softball: Samantha Greenwood 12B1
Swimming: Mae-Ying Reynolds 9B7
Table Tennis-Male: Joshua Capper 11K12
Table Tennis-Female: Annie Chen 12S4
Tennis: Dan Persson 13B7
Touch-Junior Male: PJ Field 10J11 and Jarvis Edmonds 10D3
Touch-Junior Female: Charlize Fleming 10J11
Touch-Senior Male: Zachariah Tehaki 12S10
Touch-Senior Female: Jayde McDowall 13S4
Tag-Male: Lazarus Papali’i 12E14 and Harlyn Saunoa 11E2
Tag-Female: Charlize Fleming and Jo Res Taramai-Remo 12K18
Volleyball-Male: Xavier Saifoloi 13S10
Volleyball-Female: Seleva Upuiailelotu 13K6
Ultimate Frisbee: Wilco Ng 12S4


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