Arts Awards 2023

09 Nov 2023

On Thursday 26 October, the creative worlds of the Visual and Performing Arts joined together to celebrate the successes and talents of our students. The 2023 Visual and Performing Arts Awards recognised students from all different categories such as drama, music, dance, and leadership. Alongside these awards and recognitions, the BDSC Orchestra, Jazz Band, a snippet of the 2023 The Addams Family Musical performed by Matthew Palmer 9D9, a scene from the Sheilah Winn regional winners performed by Jaime Meredith 11D9 and Hannah Ghiyath 11D9, and a dance performed by Cuda Wong 13S4 were also showcased. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees on the night, and a special thank you to all the teachers who encouraged us throughout the year in the arts and made this night happen.

~ Tiffany Chan 12K6

Congratulations to all our Art award winners!

Most Valuable Contribution to Arts – in a Technical Role: Steven Ros 13B1
The Performing Arts Award: Tiffany Chan 12k6


Tuakana Teina Award in Dance: Paige Phipps 13B1
Leadership in SDNZ: Cuda Wong 13S4
Leadership in Showquest: Diza Arora 13J5
Most Outstanding Performer SDNZ: Gianna Lin 10B1
Most Outstanding Performer Showquest: Amelia Irwin 10D9, Cara Tang 9K6
Best Newcomer in Dance: Tayla Penman-Gates 9J11


Derek Wigzell (Lions Award for Drama): Shruti Sureshkumar 13B1
Most Creative Performance in Drama – Sheilah Winn: Irene Arora 9J5
Most Creative Theatre Performance Production: Annalee Killip 10B7
Best Supporting Actor Production: Aleisha Coleman 11D9
Best Actor Production: Ella Vuksanlekaj 13J11
Most Promising Actor SGCNZ: Jessica MacDonald 12E8
Most Promising Newcomer in Production: Matthew Palmer 9D9
Valuable Contribution to Drama – Backstage: Nakita de Kock 12B1, Nikhil Karthik 13K12
Effort and Commitment in Performance: Juwahn Ranjith 12E8, Gemma Vincer 12D9 (direction and performance)
Best Musical Theatre Performance Production: Paige McKechnie 11S4


Most Valuable Contribution to Orchestra: Hannah Lu Wellnitz 12E2, Sherry Chang 12D3
Most Improved Player in Orchestra: Taevin Lee 10K6
Most Valuable Contribution to Jazz Band: Torai Yokoyama 13D3, Karisma Brown 13S4
Most Improved Player in Jazz Band: Sherry Chang 12D3

Visual Art

Leadership in Arts Council: Rij Rivera 13E8


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