Battle of the Pans

18 May 2023

We had some amazing results from the Foods Department competing at the Service IQ Battle of the Pans event on Wednesday 17 May.

The Battle of the Pans is a series of regional competitions open to your Year 12/13 students.

The in-school battle helps students experience the competition environment in a fun and non-threatening way, bringing a little of TV’s MasterChef into the classroom, but linked to learning and credit achievement. Students wanting to step up their game – but without going straight into the pressure cooker of a highly formal culinary competition – can enter one of the ServiceIQ Battle of the Pans regionals.

This ServiceIQ initiative is supported by NZChefs, ensuring that it has industry relevancy.


Santiago Mallitz 13K12


Wei-Zin Chan 13D3 – Cafe Cake


Ashley Hewlett 13S10 – Cupcakes

Karina Hira 13J11 – Cupcakes


Senushka Pillay 12K12 – Cupcakes

Hunter Harrison 12B1 – Burger


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