Science Week 2023

22 May 2023

Each year, the Science Council organises many fun, interactive activities for all BDSC students during Science Week. During week two of this term, students filled the science labs at lunchtime, eager to witness and experience numerous experiments and demonstrations.

On Monday, students were encouraged to experiment using regular household supplies to create sherbet, which they were then able to enjoy with their friends. We had a huge turnout on this day, and the numbers only continued to grow in the following days. This was seen during Tuesday’s bubble fire exhibition which was an adrenalin-rushing experience that involved setting fire to bubbles held by students. Friday was by far our most anticipated event. In the science labs, we held pig dissection demonstrations and students were encouraged to participate in rat dissections to practice their dissection skills and get a hands-on experience.

Unfortunately, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s events had to be postponed. Keep a look out for updates on Outlook as we’ll be running the Gecko Encounter and Mr Meldrum’s Fire Show as soon as we can!

~ Nannapat Yump 13K12 and Jessica Wong 13K12


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