Bollywood Showdown Winners!

17 Aug 2023

On Friday 30 June, BDSC’s Indian Dance Team took part in the Bollywood Showdown Competition at Dorothy Winston Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. This competition consisted of 11 Auckland schools battling for the first-place trophy.

After an intense show night, BDSC CAME 1ST for the first time in history. On top of that, Diza Arora 13J5 got the award for Best Female Dancer among all the performers. An historical achievement for the school who has been taking part in Bollywood dance competitions since 2007.

Months of relentless practice, sweat, and sacrifices led us to this triumphant moment. The girl’s hard work was evident in every graceful movement and synchronized step that lit up the stage. Congratulations to the Indian Dance team and well done for your hard work. Very proud moment for the students, their whānau and the school.

Thank you to Mr Shraddha Sharma for your help and support.

~ Diza Arora 13J5

Thanks to our sponsors: Trugood Finance, The Dental Practice, Indian Accent and Surti Samosa


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