Celebrating Our 2020 Scholarship Recipients

09 Aug 2021

A massive congratulations to those students who gained a scholarship in last year’s New Zealand Scholarship exams held at the same time as the NCEA external exams.  Overall, our students gained 31 Scholarships, including two Outstanding Scholarships. Given the year we had last year, these are amazing results that reflect their hard work and dedication to their studies.

2020 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Krishnan Chandra (2)
  • Shiangbo Chang (3)
  • Ao (Tina) Chen
  • Pengyu (Kelvin) Chen (2)
  • Kevin Fu (Year 12 in 2020) + 1 Outstanding
  • Graeme Gobey
  • Rui Wen Guo
  • Jim Hao-Chun Hsu
  • Yiyang (Sunny) Huang (Year 12 in 2020)
  • Kevin Jin
  • Nicole Klaassen
  • Sing Hui (Natalie) Lau
  • Junjie Lin
  • David Long
  • Kyle Lowe
  • Tisha Naicker – Outstanding
  • Kushvir (Jason) Poonia
  • Rawan Saadi (Year 12 in 2020)
  • Guy Spratt
  • Anna Twyman
  • Novia Wu
  • Chengyi (Steven) Ye
  • Kiu Hei Chloe Yip (2)
  • Xinying (Betty) You
  • Ziyue (Annie) Zheng (Year 12 in 2020)
  • Mingzhu (Sophia) Zou

Three students deserve special mention: Congratulations to Shiangbo Chang who gained three Scholarships (Calculus, Physics and Statistics); Kevin Fu (Year 12 in 2020) for gaining an Outstanding Scholarship in Physics; and to Tisha Naicker for her Outstanding Scholarship in Statistics. Well done to everyone involved, including those who attempted these additional exams. A lot of work and support is given by staff, whānau and the students to achieve at this level.


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