EPro8 Challenge

30 Aug 2023

The Epro 8 Challenge is a fun and unique Science and Engineering competition hosted annually for primary to secondary school students. The teams are made up of four students who have to complete a series of challenges to earn points. After an intense two and a half hours, the teams with the most points proceed to the next round of competition.

This year, the Inter-School Epro8 competition took place at Pakuranga College for both our Junior and Senior teams. An example of one remarkable challenge was to construct a fully functional pendulum clock. From building a stable frame to a working clock hand mechanism, or simple time calculations to complex Physics formulas. We were to use combination of electrical and mechanical engineering mechanisms to build up the given challenges which need to be fully functional to proceed to the next steps. This challenge pushed our limits as a team.

Although it was unfortunate that our teams didn’t make it to the semi-finals, we gained valuable experience from our training and the competition. I would like to thank our teacher in charge, Mr Singh, for his guidance and support in this amazing enrichment opportunity, and to the Science department for providing our teams with an extensive range of equipment to practice with.

It has been a particularly fun time to work with all the members and I look forward to future competitions.

~ Andy Liu 11B7


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