Weta Unleashed

25 Aug 2023

On Monday 31 July the Art Department had a guided tour of Weta Workshop, a well-known film prop, and visual effects studio. Consisting of three exhibits, each imagined films Fauna, Ever-Clan and Origins. Ultimately getting to see the creative process of producing a film, with various concepts, drawings, and developments. Fauna was an 80s-themed farm horror, consisting of a horror maze and various animatronics, fake blood, and gory prosthetics. Following this was Ever-Clan, a fantasy film that displayed various miniatures of environments such as castles and cliffs. There was also a large throne students were able to take photos on and armour and sword props which we were able to interact with. Lastly Origins, a story of explorers rediscovering a lost past of aliens contained a massive functional robot prop that we got to witness operating. A trip met with overall positive feedback from students.

~ Jintay Touch 12D3


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