Music Camp 2023

08 Jun 2023

On Sunday 30 April, the members of BDSC’s Orchestra and Jazz Band journeyed to Campbell Park Camp in Mangawhai for the annual Music Camp. The camp lasted three days and two nights, and every second was delightful: from the ambient bus ride, instrumental rehearsals, and free time, to the tranquil beach, delicious food, and engaging quiz night where we competed for chocolate bars and learned interesting facts about some of our peers.

On the first day of our wonderful experience, a group of excited students arrived at BDSC and waited impatiently to be picked up as the clock ticked by slowly. Finally, after what seemed like ten prolonged years, the grand and roomy bus parked in front of us, and we set out for our incredible trip. As we travelled through winding roads and unknown paths, a range of mountains appeared, stretching across the foggy horizon, and the once gleaming sun vanished, blasting a euphonious downpour upon us. We chatted and laughed as we edged closer to the camp site.

~ Wei En Huang 9J5

Our days at Music Camp were equally proportioned. Yes, we had time to create amazing memories, make new friends and then learn about different people, but we also learned about music. We practiced for over four hours each day, learning new repertoire ranging from Mozart, Bach, and Bizet to Freier and Ellington. During our rehearsals, both the Jazz Band and Orchestra worked hard playing a variety of pieces: classics like The Marriage of Figaro, as well as cinematic music from movies like “Grease.” Orchestra rehearsals benefited musicians ranging from all ages and all skill levels. We would practice together and work hard to become a synchronized group. By listening to each other and communicating together, we allowed our music to flow and create beautiful sounds. Each and every one of us had the opportunity, the time, the resources, and the drive to practice on our own and to manage ourselves in a way that was beneficial to every person who was part of our music groups. Under the tutelage of Ms Treneman and Mr Arthur, the Jazz Band and the Orchestra worked hard throughout rehearsals to produce amazing music for our school and our community, while also having fun along the way.

~ Neha Babu 9J5

As the clock hit break time, musical students went back to the life of primary kids, jumping like children on the trampoline, playing with the frisbee as it soared back and forth across the field, swinging on wooden swings, as high as the wind could take them, into the relaxing air. The highlight of our free time was the flying fox rides led by Mr Arthur. Several students rode their way down the field with a smile on their face, releasing happy endorphins. Recently, the weather had been moody and aggressive, which really made it a miracle to have the chance to spend some quality time outdoors, away from the cabins and rehearsals and enjoying the sun rays that dazzled into our eyes.

~ Emily Pan 9J5

As night fell upon us, signaling the end of a day of hard work, our laboured minds moved slowly towards our temporary home, tired but satisfied. We all knew that what was coming was the most anticipated part of the day, the cool, refreshing shower, and the soft embrace of the mattress, but most of all, the time we could spend bonding with our cabin pals. Complete strangers at the start, but close friends at the end. The more we chatted and shared, the more we felt like family members. Songs and music penetrated our souls, and together we shared those amazing moments before we crawled back into our slumber awaiting the next productive day.

~ Aaron Mak 13j11

Who knew that the life of being at camp also included a trip to the beach? With heads bobbing up and down, we made our way to the destination. The ocean breeze blew with welcome, patches of green grass swaying along as well. The view ahead was breathtaking as phones were being taken out of the pockets to capture what would be the highlight of Music Camp. Teachers asking all students to gather on the wet sand, all smiled for the camera ahead. One photo after another, it was time to walk back to where we started. Saying goodbye to the wonderful beach, to continue showing our talents back at camp.

~ Rachel Ly 9J5

All in all, Music Camp was an enjoyable and valuable trip, and a gratifying opportunity to get to know the members of the Orchestra and Jazz Band better. We have made so many precious memories and new friends all while improving and unifying in our music. Thanks to Ms Treneman, Mr Arthur, and Mrs Bottom for making this experience possible.


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