Cultural Week 2023

12 Jun 2023

Cultural Week provides an opportunity for people to deepen their understanding of cultural diversity. Week 6 of Term 2 was our annual Cultural Week at Botany Downs Secondary College, where we celebrated the broad cultural diversity we have here at the school.

After nearly the whole term’s preparation, it was an enormous success! With incredible performances prepared by the various cultural groups in the school, it was an enjoyable and lively week for the students and staff. We opened Cultural Week on Monday 29 May with Karakia and there were dance performances by different cultures during lunchtime every day. Groups who performed were; Chinese Dance led by Candice Wang 11K6; Lion Dance led by Kelly Ngo 12B7; K-pop led by Preeta Kadam 13D9; Indian Dance led by Diza Arora 13J5; Punjabi Dance led by Simran Kaur 12J5; a Samoan Dance performance by Alana Baker 11J11 and Ravelation Togafau 11J5; and Amazie Aloese 10J11 sang a Samoan song. On Friday students and staff wore their cultural costumes to celebrate the diversity.

Well done and fantastic job for everyone who was involved and represented their own, and took part in other, cultures! Thank you to those who came in support.

~ Gurpreet Kaur


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