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Newsletter, Edition 13

2017 Term 4 Week 8.
Contains: Principal's Message; Haka to Farewell Departing Staff Member; Your School Donation; A Growth Mindset; Curriculum; Itinerant Music Programme 2018; Spelling Bee Finalists 2017; Geography; Passchendaele; Field Trip to Waitomo; Maatangi Whenua Geography Quiz; Science; Junior Science GATE Biology; Careers; Visual & Performing Arts; High Performance Athletic Programme; Baseball National Competition; Sports; BizTech Results 2017; Alumni News; and Key Dates.MORE

05 Dec 2017

Newsletter, Edition 12

2017 Term 4 Week 3.
Contains: Principal's Message; Award Winners for Years 11 - 13; Mental Health Awareness Week; YES East Auckland Social Enterprise; Botany Pestival; BizTech Lab; Key dates.MORE

07 Nov 2017

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