Celebrating Our 2023 Scholarship Recipients

19 Feb 2024

A huge shout out and massive congratulations to those students who gained a scholarship. The NZQA Scholarship exams are held at the same time as the NCEA external exams. In total, our students gained 37 Scholarships: Five Outstanding (O) Scholarships and 32 Scholarships (S). Their achievement is truly remarkable, especially considering the dedication they’ve shown alongside their NCEA studies.

Special mention to the following students who were awarded Outstanding Scholarships (O): Jimmy Qu (Statistics); Daniel Tang (Geography); Jessica Wong (Statistics); Joe Chan (Statistics) and Gladon Chua in Year 12 (Technology). Well done to all students who took on these additional examinations. Congratulations and a huge thank you to the teachers who supported these students and held additional lessons and offered tutorials in their own time.

2023 Scholarship Recipients:


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