MyFuture programme

08 Aug 2017

BDSC is part of an incentive with AUT called the MyFuture programme. We work together to help students get the best out of school and pathway into tertiary education. View a video of our student Robyn Edeams, who participated in the July holiday workshop.

MyFuture is a personal and academic development programme developed by AUT that works with South Auckland secondary students, their schools, families and communities.

What the MyFuture programme does

  • Supports regional development goals by establishing clear pathways from secondary school into higher education
  • Helps participants increase their academic skills, investigate future career prospects and build aspiration for higher education
  • Participants are encouraged to prepare for higher education from a younger age and supported to choose appropriate subjects for their career aspirations
  • Includes regular visits to the South Campus to break down perceived barriers to higher education, and establish relationships with student ambassadors who will act as role models
Year 10

Participants cover:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Career and subject selection
  • An introduction to university life
Year 11

This year builds on the Year 10 programme and focuses on:

  • Personal and academic development
  • Subject choices and future goals
  • Study skills
  • NCEA revision

Students and their parents attend four in-school and on-campus workshops.

Year 12

This year focuses on:

  • Ensuring that students maintain momentum and aim for excellence
  • Tips and strategies to get through Year 12
  • Helping students stay motivated and inspired
  • Teaching students how to cope when pressure builds up
Year 13

This programme aims to ensure students are ‘Talking the Talk & Walking the Walk’. The team’s aim is to provide students with key communication skills to:

  • Enhance their leadership skills
  • Equip them for future interviews and networking

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