Japan Linguistic and Cultural Exchange

12 Aug 2017
Tea ceremony

During the Term 2 holidays, Ms Lodge and Mr Andrew took sixteen students to Japan as part of our sister school relationship.

The trip was a mixture of sightseeing activities (6 days) and homestay experience (6 days) Japan. The students were able to learn firsthand about the lifestyle and culture of Japan, as well as build confidence in both themselves and their Japanese language abilities.

We asked our students to share their biggest highlight of the trip with their classmates. For all students, it was visiting Nishinomiya Imazu High School and spending time with their Japanese homestays. Being able to experience what life was like for a normal Japanese student was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The students were able to take part in school club activities and were all amazed at the level of skill and devotion the students put into it. The homestay experience was also extremely memorable, and while many students were quite nervous before hand when Mr Andrew and I met them the following morning, the students were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm.

Mr Andrew and I were truly moved by the care that the host families showed and how well looked after the students were. We were very envious of their obento-packed lunches too!


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