Evening Trip for Level 1 Japanese

06 Oct 2023

On Wednesday 9 August, the Level 1 Japanese class had lots of fun on an evening trip to Japan Mart and Nippon Sake Bar.

We left BDSC in the school vans and after sitting through lots of traffic, we made it to Japan Mart. Many of us enjoyed looking around and filling out our Japanese quizzes while some students managed to empty their wallets buying lots of Japanese snacks for everyone to share. Another round of sitting through lots of traffic and we arrived at the Nippon Sake Bar Restaurant. We were greeted by the kind staff who then served us our delicious Japanese food including gyoza, okonomiyaki, yaki soba, sushi and lots more! Despite how delicious the food was, some of us were too full from the snacks earlier to finish our entire dinner set, so we showed Manaakitanga (a Māori concept in our Japanese class) by sharing our food with other classmates. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do karaoke at the restaurant as planned. However, we made it up by creating our own fun karaoke sessions in the vans on the way back to school! とても たのしです!!

~ Tiffany Ong and Parita Yump 11D9


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