Leadership Committee

24 Oct 2023

On Thursday 10 June, BDSC’s Leadership Committee had an exciting opportunity to run a Leadership Skill Workshop at Somerville Intermediate. The workshop, designed by the BDSC Leadership Committee, was tailored to meet the needs and interests of Somerville Intermediate’s Year 7 Whānau Awhina. It covered a wide range of essential leadership topics, including effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, time management, emotional intelligence, and ethical leadership.

During the first segment, students were divided into four groups, each rotating through a series of immersive activities designed to ignite critical skills.

The second phase kicked off with a fresh group division, giving students the chance to collaborate with new peers. The intensity escalated as students tackled activities with a competitive edge.

The committee members had a blast engaging with the Whānau Awhina, sharing their own valuable insight and experiences in student leadership. Beyond enhancing leadership skills, the workshop played an important part in building connections between students from both BDSC and Somerville.

We extend a special thanks to Mrs Van Diepen for helping set the stage for an inspiring day of learning and connection.

This workshop was not just an event, but an investment in our students’ leadership potential and a showcase of their ability to rise, collaborate, and excel in the face of diverse challenges. Here’s to the leaders of tomorrow!

~ Nathaniel Fumbilwa 13E2


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