Theatre Sports Dragon Slayers

28 Aug 2017

Friday night a team from our Theatre Sports club competed in the final festival competition of the year at St Kent’s. Our team was mostly inexperienced Year 10s with only one or two competitions between them. They were up against three private schools with comprehensive Theatre Sports programs, St Kent’s has 150 players and hold auditions for team places! The opposing teams were all highly experienced Year 13 students coached by professional actors. I felt our actors were almost in tears when they saw the opposition and wondered if I had thrown them to the lions.

Nevertheless, they rose to the challenge, produced one of the best series of performances I have seen and drew some loud claps cheers from the mostly St Kent’s crowd.

The final judging placed our team Second ahead of Auckland Grammar and St Cuthbert’s! And, we were the highest scoring school by ‘entertainment’ points score!

Big congrats to captain Talia Hazelwood, players Aida Safaei, Eric Klijmeij and MVP Jake Fanstone.

˜ Mr Thurlow


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