Endeavour Whānau Year 9 Camp

05 Apr 2023

At camp I enjoyed spending time with my group and bonding with my peers around me.
~ Erin Stephenson 9E2

I really enjoyed doing the rock climbing because it was challenging and fun.
~ Tremaine Maeva-Weston 9E2

I really surprised myself when I climbed the high wall in the amazing race. Camp was cool!
~ Travis Booysen 9E2

I enjoyed archery at camp the most. It was fun to aim the bow and feel it just sling back in place, but the best part was that I actually hit the target.
~ Agastaya Naicker 9E2

The funniest moment on camp was creating a performance and watching the other groups perform.
~ Erin Anderson 9E2

I surprised myself the most by making friends with cabin and group mates.
~ Miche Lategan 9E8

I learnt that I am capable of doing difficult activities such as rock climbing.
~ Eason Nguy 9E2

I think camp was an enjoyable experience because I got an opportunity to bond with people and become friends with them as well. The activities at camp were fun and I enjoyed it with my group.
~ Avaan Nand 9E2

I found camp really fun and I feel proud about the effort I put in each of the activities, however, my favorite part was definitely the performances.
~ Keana So 9E8

At camp I enjoyed working together as a group to create and perform a skit. Our group did Romeo and Juliet. I think it was enjoyable because everyone participated and shared their ideas.
~ Lola Hamilton 9E2


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