NSSCC – Three from Three

09 Aug 2021

Congratulations to three of our Food Tech students who have won all three weeks of the National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge competition held over the holidays.

The NSSCC Year 9 to 11 Online Competition is open to all Secondary Schools Students in Years 9, 10 and 11. The judges are looking for recipes that showcase New Zealand grown carrots as the principle ingredient using either a sweet or savoury application. The submitted recipe must include two photographs and a video and marks are awarded for techniques shown, skills demonstrated, innovative use of ingredients and presentation.

Week 1 Winner

Jemma Woodard 10J11

Judges Comments: “Great entry Jemma. Your cake looks very well prepared and delicious. The photographs and explanations are fantastic and I’m glad that your sisters enjoyed testing the cake as well. You clearly have some talent and enthusiasm for cooking and we’d encourage you to continue this. Well done and congratulations!”

Week 2 Winner

Wei-Zin Chan 11D3

Judges comments “What an amazing looking cake. Lovely finish which those chubby fondant carrots and extra smooth icing. The combination of Carrot and Pineapple sounds yum and would keep the cake moist.”

Week 3 Winner

Bethany Eagle 10E8

Judges comments “Another great entry Bethany. Your truffles look delicious and would taste great with the pecans and white chocolate. There is a lot of work that goes in to preparing these and you should be very proud of your entry. Your video is excellent and its great to hear your enthusiasm as you talk about your entry, We hope you enjoyed eating them with your family!”


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