Toi Wearable Arts

24 Aug 2023

In Term 2 we had multiple students enter in the TOI Wearable Arts competition. We had four groups who created their own wearable arts garments and walk them down the runway. Leah Steele, the model for “Crimson Drifter”, won Outstanding Stage Presence! Well done to everyone involved for your creativity and talent!

Crimson Drifter

Our initial design portrays the form of a jellyfish, a marine animal known for its soft and graceful nature, but our garment is a blend between red and black. This signifies the bloodshed that occurs during death, but the rebirth back into a regular marine animal doesn’t happen. Instead, it remains black, representing the irreversible harm that has been done. This cycle will keep going, until eventually the rebirth and new life is impossible.

Snow White

Our design was inspired by a well known princess of our childhood, Snow White. As kids, we loved her soothing voice and beautiful dress. We decided to use blue, yellow and red to replicate Snow White’s iconic colours.

Guardian of the Galaxy

A Space themed garment with an armour chest piece and an armour headpiece, a tule skirt with a trail and black boots with stockings with gems on them. It also has an inverted umbrella that we made to look like a UFO. It is a very unique yet creative piece that we decided to make in the theme of space. With the armour as well, it makes our garment resemble some sort of guardian or warrior of the galaxy.

Sirens Lament

Siren’s Lament is inspired by sirens, creatures who reside in the depths of seas and are a depiction of beautiful seductresses who coax passers by with their enchanting voice. Legends and folklore depict sirens as alluring beings that possess the ability to bewitch and magnetize those who listen to their melody. Sirens possess a hauntingly symphonic voice that holds the power to seduce seafarers and lead them astray. Sirens serve as a warning, reminding us of the tantalizing allurement of temptation and the necessity of exercising caution in the presence of lust. Once lured by a siren’s call, victims lose their sense of direction and as a result they pay with their lives. Sirens are entities who rebel against social conventions and expectations. Their music and allure represent the quest for freedom, breaking free from restrictions, and discovering one’s true passions and ambitions. 


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