Year 11 Business Studies Market Day

30 Jul 2018

Business is Cool.

During lunchtime on Wednesday 25 July, the Year 11 Business Studies students held their Market Day in school as part of their internal assessment. They sold innovative products that were unavailable in the current market and purely made by themselves.

The students were able to use their own mindset to create something different to attract the students and staff present on the day. It was an opportunity for students to utilize their innovative skills, creativity and problem-solving skills to generate a product or service.

A lot of effort was put towards conducting the market day, from producing business plans regarding the products being sold to contacting manufacturers and suppliers that can aid in the production of the newly launched products. Some products were made from recyclable materials which was awesome and nearly every group who held a stall made a profit. Business students certainly enjoyed keeping a share of their profits made.

Thanks heaps to Mr Sharma, Miss Khan and Mrs Tautogi for helping us out. It was definitely a fun and excellent learning experience.

Ash Palupe 11B1


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