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23 Jul 2018
Amy’s goal is to be the first ever female to win a Motorsport NZ Championship.

Amy Smith started racing when she was just six.

This weekend the Year 13 Botany Downs Secondary College student is excited to be invited by Women in Motorsport to be part of the CRC Speedshow at the ASB Showgrounds.

Amy Smith

Amy’s goal in the racing season from October 2018 to March 2019 is to be the first ever female to win a Motorsport NZ Championship.

The young trailblazer currently competes with males of all ages (some older ex-champions still race) in the NZ Formula First Championship – an open wheel racing class designed for close and competitive racing with speed up to 185km/h.

Fundraising last week at Botany Town Centre for the ASR500 Club (to provide a helping hand with the career development of her racing career) attracted a lot of attention as hundreds of shoppers wanted to be photographed in the car or with the young winner of the NZ Formula First Grand Prix One Hour race at Manfield.

“When I started racing karts at six, I never thought it made a difference that I was a girl, I was just doing the same as the others on the track,” says Amy who has competed in more than 1000 races before she turned 13 and moved to circuit racing.

Amy started racing karts at the age of six.

Amy has been racing in the NZ Formula First Championship for four seasons and recently finished sixth in the 2017/18 NZ Formula First Championship posting the fastest lap at both the NZ Grand Prix meet and the Speedworks series final at Pukekohe Raceway.

This racing class has been responsible for starting the careers of some of New Zealand’s very best young drivers and Amy hopes it will do the same for her.

She says: “I have achieved podium finishes last season and am the first female since Christina Orr 16 years ago to do so and am really excited about what I can achieve next season with the help of sponsors and supporters.”

Amy’s says successful fundraising will help with the costs of running a competitive car right through the season (October-March) and is very grateful to her supporters who have already contributed and joined the team.

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