Battle of the Pans

05 Sep 2022

BDSC TEF (Food Technology) and FAH (Food and Hospitality) students have had great success over the weekend competing in the very first Service IQ “Battle of the Pans” event. We are so proud of these students. All the hard work and dedication to training has really paid off. Well done team!

The results were as follows:

Static events:

Silver: Karina Hira 12J11

Kiwi Biscuits

Silver: Piper Turnbull 12D3
Bronze: Kasmira Moodley 12J5


Silver: Paige Ah You 13B1

Lives events:

Silver: Emily Pretorius 13E2

Café sandwich

Silver: Kshirin Orhi 13E14


Gold: Noah Varcoe 13J11


Gold: Shieri Saga 13K6

Shieri also won the top place of the competition, scoring the highest points from the judges.


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