Chinese Dance Group Bring Joy to Bruce McLaren Retirement Village

20 Nov 2023

Our BDSC Chinese dance group had a joyful experience during the recent Term 3 holiday break. On 26 September, we had the privilege of representing our school by visiting the Bruce McLaren Retirement Village and sharing a beautiful traditional Chinese dance performance with the elderly residents.

For many of us, it was our first time visiting a retirement village. We choreographed a brand-new dance for the event. When we arrived, we were struck by the peaceful and serene atmosphere, surrounded by lush flowers and trees. The staff were warm and welcoming and showed us the big dining hall where we were going to perform for the senior citizens. Although we were a bit nervous as we made our way to the centre of the hall, our anxiety melted away in the face of the heartwarming cheers and applause from the audience. We proudly performed our dance not once, but twice.  After the performance, we had the opportunity to talk to these lovely senior citizens. Afternoon tea was also provided for us – the sausage rolls were delicious!

It was our pleasure to perform in the retirement village and bring joy to the senior citizens. This was definitely the highlight of our entire Term 3 break. We would like to thank Mrs Kuang for being at the performance with us.

~ Candice Wang 11K6


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