Spirit Whānau Year 9 Camp

01 Jun 2023

Monday 22 May was the long-awaited day when the Year 9’s could finally go to camp. Our camp journey was not one to forget with an emotional rollercoaster ranging from the campfire stories to Mrs Killips husband’s amazing hand pan music. Each activity was its own spectacle of experiences whether it was free flying from the Leap of Faith, swinging on vines in Multi-Vine, doing pushups on the High Beams, setting camp records with team building and pioneering, and finally freezing in the confidence course’s muddy course. We had a wonderful time, and we owe it to our Whānau Leaders, Lead Students, and the helpers at Camp Adair.

~ Jaison Naran 9S4

Year 9 camp is definitely something to remember. There were so many fun and exciting activities, but also ones that were a bit scary and challenging. My group was very supportive and funny; they would cheer you on and tell you ‘you got this’ and to keep going.

The campfires were so much fun and relaxing! The milo and marshmallows were so delicious. Having some down time and talking with your peers about their day, their group, and hearing their funny stories was so nice. The second and last night of camp was a lot of fun and such a cracker. The auction was a lot of fun too. Trying to get something good in the mystery boxes was a challenge, and it was so funny when one group got a piece of bread instead of candy. The rest of the night was just full of laughs with the talent quest and the student leaders getting hypnotised.

Year 9 camp was such a funny, challenging, exciting, and social event. I got closer to people at school and even made some new friends along the way. I definitely recommend this experience; it’s something I’ll always remember about BDSC.

~ Olivia Boysen 9S10


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